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Can you spare 5 minutes?


In this fast paced life we live in today, there never seems to be enough time in the day to do all the things we want to.  We wish, if only we had more time then we could do this ….. and we could do that …. and we feel slaves to time.

But it is true isn’t it, that some people just seem to manage to get done in the day exactly what it is that they set out to.  A lot of this has to do with preparation.  It can be as simple as looking at your calendar for the month ahead, and then filling in the dates all the essential things that cannot be moved.  Then on the Sunday, plan your week ahead from Monday to the following Sunday.  Start with those appointments that are fixed.  Then allot time for those tasks you want to get done.  But remember to allow yourself some flexible time for things that come up unannounced, and you will need to give yourself time to reflect, eat, and rest, and also allow travelling time as required.  Preparation at least the day before, will go a long way indeed, especially when we get distracted in the midst of daily life and are pressured with time.

Whatever it is that you decide to do, it is important to leave five minutes at the beginning of each day when we first wake up in the morning, and also 5 minutes at the end of the day before going to sleep.  For most Christians, we use this time to communicate with God when we say our prayers.  We use this opportunity to give thanks for our blessings and those who we know, and we may also pray for help and guidance.  But this simple routine can equally apply to non Christians too.  It does not matter what faith we are, whether it is another faith or if we are athiest or agnostic.  The same principle applies to all of us, that if we can set aside just five minutes at the beginning and end of the day, we can each recall and identify a few things that we are grateful for, and identify a few things we have struggled with that need more work.

It is quite popular now to write in a “Gratitude Journal” every day.  During a time when I was finding it very difficult to see the trees from the woods, a close friend of mine reminded me that it can be helpful to keep a list, every day, of the positives, the things you are grateful for.  I had started to do this a few years back, but had lapsed.  But now having had some more discussions with other friends I have decided to get back into it.  I think too that there is something rather special about writing things down, in pen and paper, it is the process of writing that seems therapeutic and thought provoking, and being able to go back months and years to see what you were thinking back then, and how things have changed, can be fascinating.

There are many gratitude journals on the market.  You do not need to buy a special journal.  You can just use a blank journal from your local stationer’s and write an entry using one page for each day of the year.  Likewise, you can just buy yourself a daily diary, and make your entries on each day of the year in your diary.  However, if you prefer to use a dedicated gratitude journal to help you get into the habit of journalling, then a popular one you may want to try is called “The Five Minute Journal”  by Ramdas and the Ikonns.  It also gives you an inspiring quote each day, and has questions to remind you.  It will help you to get into the habit of doing this.

For more information, watch Natalie Sisson’s video below introducing the journal by clicking here.

I would be interested to hear your own experiences.  Do you have a daily habit of identifying things to be grateful for and things requiring more work or assistance?  Please share in the comments below.

Best wishes as always,





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