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Getting married? Here are some rules …


Rules For A Happy Marriage

  1. Never both be angry at the same time
  2. Never yell at each other unless the house is on fire
  3. If one of you has to win an argument, let it be your mate
  4. If you have to criticize, do it lovingly
  5. Never bring up mistakes of the past
  6. Neglect the whole world rather than each other
  7. Never go to sleep with an argument unsettled
  8. At least once every day try to say one kind compliment to your life’s partner
  9. When you have done something wrong, be ready to admit it and ask for forgiveness
  10. It takes two to make a quarrel, and the one in the wrong is the one who does the most talking.

*                *                            *                                  *

Above is a set of rules from a poem that my Mother gave me when I got married, and I think they are rather good.

People often say that marriage is hard work, and that it is a partnership.  You need to share the good things as well as the bad.  So when it comes to doing tasks, I am always happier to do chores if I know that my other half is also busy doing chores, so that we do them together, at the same time, and then as we put the music up high, it becomes almost enjoyable.  Certainly it is satisfying to see the finished result!

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