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I am my brother’s keeper



Tales from the Kava Bowl


Suli Moa’s

A Heart’s Path

“I am my brother’s keeper”

Directed by: Kate-Louise Elliott, Assistant Director: Matariki Whatarau Produced by: Natalie Malietoa-Moa

From the writer of “Kingdom of Lote”, Suli Moa presents his second play; a contemporary Tongan tale, that takes you on a journey through the obstacles of urbanisation and akonaki (life lessons).

A Heart’s Path is a tale of reality, where we as people have a choice to value the importance of its akonaki (life lessons). The paths of the three siblings Mafu, Mele and Kepu, each tell a separate tale of which young and old can draw their own conclusions, right or wrong.

With the loss of their Fa’e (Mother), the Hala siblings face the challenge of finding a balance of surviving in the Modern society of Aotearoa, without forgetting their Tongan Culture and Traditions.

This new piece of gripping contemporary Pacific theatre, presents a heartfelt tale that will leave you speechless.


Michael Koloi, Nastassia Wolfgramm, Albert Mateni and Suli Moa

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