Alice Letts

Five bands …



The Allestree community were gathered in the local hall this weekend for a fundraiser for the CRY charity.

It was a very well attended event, and the variety of bands was impressive.
We missed the first band unfortunately, but I heard they were a brilliant opening act. The highlight of the night, in fact was a young lady who played the acoustic guitair.

The second band in the line up had a lead female vocalist who looked just adorable! They played a range of styles which was good. The Katy Perry song was not a favourite of mine but the others were lovely.

The third act was a young man doing rap. At first I was rather distressed, thinking oh no! However by the time he had got into his third and fourth songs, I began to move to the groove! The music backing was up beat and very catchy. Definitely rhythms to inspire you to dance. ….. But it was still only 9pm and people stood in groups, rather refusing to move. With the lights still bright, and people sitting down around tables in the back of the room, I imagine those standing in the front may have felt a bit self conscious. It was a one man band so he did very well. I wasn’t all that keen on his voice, but he is young with plenty of promise. What he lacked in pitch he more than made up for it in enthusiasm and charisma. By the time he finished he had the crowds standing up waving their hands in the air, clapping and dancing to the music! Brilliant!

But the night is still young…
… and there is more to come..,

The next act up was a group of lean young men, playing the drums, the electric guitars and singing. Delightful.

But the best of the night was act 5 who were clearly a professional band with exceptional skills. An absolute treat indeed! And a perfect end to evening.

The event made well over £900 which for one evening was a huge success!

A fantastic evening all round!


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