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Road trip


The road to Palinuro. Where to begin? From where we were, we had two options. We could drive past Scario and follow the road along the coast until we reached the beach resorts at Palinuro. This option is the scenic route ideal for sightseers with plenty of time.

The second option, which is the one we took, along with our entourage of vehicles was the fast route travelling along the motorway and then turning off at the last moment to the very windy road that leads to Palinuro.

Oh yes, we are still in the Cilento region. It’s very mountainous here and so it should go without saying that the roads are very windy. If you are prone to travel sickness, watch out!

Come prepared, that’s all I can say.

You may notice that in one photo there appears to be a very high and very long and curvy bridge. That is in fact part of the motorway. Rather daunting I thought. Given to fear of heights, the sight of that bridge/highway is dizzying.

You’ll also spot another photo where if you look very closely you can see the ruins of a little village clinging to the cliffs.


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