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What a clown


Is this a clown? Yes! Send in the clowns.

My Mother-in-law keeps this clown lamp in the spare bedroom. It sits on top of the headrest that doubles as a small table top. The clown lamp is not only functional but it is also a work of art. The clown also co-ordinates brilliantly with the yellow and orange striped bedspread.

I have some friends that are huge clown fans and they have vast collections of all manners of clowns in their home. But I have also come across a few people who have a phobia about clowns with a great fear of them. Can you imagine how startling this room would be for someone with a phobia of clowns? Well, a lamp is small and portable and could easily be removed temporarily in those circumstances.

Did you notice the round frosted white globe sitting on the palms of the clown’s hand? It is the functional part of the lamp that displays light. This image reminds me of that song titled “He’s got the whole world in his hands”. It looks like a globe to me, an image of the earth.



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