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Sightseeing coach



There is a coach that comes to Scario every day of the week. It is a sightseeing bus that takes visitors around the local top spots. The bus has a defined route and travels to different locations everyday.

We thought about taking the coach as we fancied some sightseeing. But then it takes you to Paestum and Laurino, places that we’ve already been ourselves and so we decided not to take this road trip in the end.

If you are visiting Scario and don’t have a car then these coach trips would be very convenient.

If you want to see the up to date coach itinerary you can find it on a billboard at the intersection by the bridge located between the church in Scario and the car park near the beach.





If the coach trip is not your thing then you may well fancy taking a ferry across to one of the pretty beaches. This feeder ride provides brilliant opportunities for the keen photographer and is also economically priced, at the time of writing the fare was €4.50 per adult for a return trip.

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