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Re-stringing service


Do you have any necklaces or bracelets at home that you want redesigned and restrung?

We offer a restringing service. We can form in the same design or create new designs, and even get a set of matching earrings, and bracelets out of your old necklace. Just let us know what you want.

Our basic restringing service costs:

  1. * £5 to restring onto our silver coloured beading thread, and
  2. * £5 to restring your stretchy bracelet onto our clear elastic, and
  3. * £15 to restring (knotting) onto our silk thread for pearls, and
  4. * £15 to convert your old necklace into a matching set of earrings (silver plated D shaped continental ear wire), bracelet and necklace (silver coloured beading thread).

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us by email at info[at]alicestories[dot]com.

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