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Alice Stories’ Handmade Jewellery


wood and bone carving of fish hookShell Erose Beads AB finish rainbow lustre0001Shell Erose Beads AB finish0001rose quartz heart pendant and beads chokerrose quartz and red rose necklaceRose quartz and dusty pink shell pearl
Rose quartz and dusty pink shell pearlred and green gold and chain necklacered and black mixed setplastic faux smoky crystals setpaua shell freshwater pearl Shell Erose Beads AB finishpaua shell abalone and genuine dark pearl set
mixed green acrylic and paper necklacefaux gold and crystal setAmethyst and black onyx collectionBlue flat coin setButterfly bracelet setBracelets miscellaneous
blue ceramic rose quartz pendant set0001Gold glamour sparkles setGlittery gold splendourRose quartz dolphin and blue setSumptuous heart necklaceGold and copper splendour

Preview of the upcoming Spring 2012 Collection of handmade jewellery designed and crafted by Alice Letts.

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