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Wrapping up 2011 pieces


For the Grade 8 Piano exams this year, I started learning three pieces last year.  They were the Prokofiev, the Beethoven, and the Scarlatti.  I always like to look up the pieces on youtube and hear how others perform the pieces.

I have pretty much learnt the pieces but they are still quite slow.  Now I am working on speeding them up.

This is the new piece that I was given today to learn. It starts at 5.28 if you fast forward you can get straight to the Prelude and it finishes somewhere just after 7 minutes. It is this Prelude, No. 7 from Ten Pieces, Op.12, of Sergey Prokofiev.

This next one is Scarlatti, Sonata in B minor

The last piece is the Beethoven 3rd movement from the Pathetique.

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