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We’re giving away a pair of earrings of your choice,



Alice Stories Designer Handmade Jewellery

Well, I’ve finally done it!  Its been a few years now that I’ve been playing around with making jewellery.  My first encounter with handmade jewellery was through  my boyfriend when I was at high school.  Ian was at design school and one of his modules was designing and creating jewellery.

On Valentines day  Ian gave me a heart shaped pendant necklace  that he had made himself.  It was the best present ever!  I still have it, to this day.  I couldn’t believe how clever he was to have made it himself.  From that moment on, I was curious to try making jewellery myself.  Then a couple of years ago, my friend Leonie gave me a book on creating jewellery. It was a very thorough book and it had folders and how to diagrams.  This book is a journal on jewellery making and its where I keep my stash of notes and scrapbook of inspiration.  This is my essential manual and it goes every where that I go!

I just adore making jewellery.  It is extremely satisfying to dream up my own designs and then turn them into reality!  I recently started up again, making jewellery.  I am now building on my collection while I look for a local craft fair to attend.

To attract a wider audience, I have spent a lot of time lately researching online for virtual shopping arenas.  There are a variety of options.  There is trademe, and ebay, and etsy.  Of course you can sell direct from your own website.  It has been difficult to choose which way to go.  Having researched what some other traders are using, I found the facility on facebook, with a free cart application.  So I have now got on my own virtual shop on facebook, under my brand name “Alice Stories”.

Free give-away

Alice Stories designer handmade jewellery is a contemporary collection of fun costume jewellery and elegant fine jewellery.  To promote the page, we’re giving away a pair of earrings of your choice, with free postage to anywhere in the world!  How can you enter our competition? Simply “like” our page at Once we get to 100 likes, we will have a draw. The winner will be selected at random using!  SHARE, with your friends and lets get as many entries as we can! … simple and easy to enter!

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