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Can you join the dots?


Do you recall the article I posted a few weeks ago?  The puzzle I gave you was the popular business one called “Join the dots”.  How did you get on?

It may take a few tries and retries to figure this one out.

You may try to connect your lines to create a box.  However the trick for this one is that you need to draw an arrow.  It may help if you turn the page containing the dots around slightly, rotating it so that it looks like a diamond shape instead of a square.  Then you may be able to see an arrow from that diamond.  What you need to do is to start from the top point that is the head of the diamond.  You then need to connect it to the two dots either side of it, but don’t stop there.  You will need to continue drawing the line off the page.  Then come back up, to continue drawing the arrow.  For a graphic illustration, see the photo below that contains the solutions.

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