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Keddleston Hall in the Spring


Alice Letts

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Today I was back again at Keddleston Hall on a field trip for my photography club.  We were very fortunate to have very good weather.  The sun was disappearing and returning as the clouds came and went and so the shade changed constantly and it made it a little more difficult to prepare the lighting.  We had our reflectors with us, and I was practising using the ISO, the aperture and the shutter speeds.  It was good fun putting into practice what we had been learning in the class room.

We were not the only people at the Hall, which I thought was surprising given it was a week day.  There were lots of people walking around the grounds, elderly people, young people, families with buggies and little toddlers, and couples with new borns.  We spent the whole day there.  For lunch we took a break by…

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  1. Latu. says:

    Very good and an eye opener to the body, mind, and soul. Keep up the good work. Have a wonderful new year 2012.

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