Alice Letts

Colouring the notes


Colouring in pages for the young ones

Are you learning to read music?
When very young children are trying to familiarise themselves with crotchets, semibreves, minims and quavers, it can be difficult. Especially when they are still in the early stages of learning to spell and read.Some find it easier to introduce these notes and rhythm values to children using the American terminology of ‘whole note’, ‘half note’, ‘quarter note’, and ‘eigth note’.I have found that colouring books and drawing are always popular with the little ones. And there is a great resource for colouring pages at “Colouring Planet” that you can see by clicking <here>. At Colouring Planet, you will be able to download cartoon drawings of notes for you to print off and give to your children or students to colour in.

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