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About Carola Grindea


Having posted one of Grindea’s videos on piano technique, I thought you may be interested to read more about her.  Here is a brief bio on Carola Grindea.

  • Professor Guildhall School of Music and Drama (1968-1989)
  • Founder and Organising Secretary EPTA(European Piano Teachers Association)
  • Founder and Chairman ISSTIP (International Society for Study of Tension in Performance)

Grindea is most known for having developed the ‘Grindea Technique’. She has appeared on many radio and television programmes (“World at One”, Ned Sherrin on Radio 3, “Woman’s Hour”, LBC, TVS, etc.) in the UK and abroad; has published many articles and presented communications on the topic of tension at International Conferences, Medical Congresses and has lectured and conducted Seminars and Master Classes in USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Israel, Iceland, USSR and in many other European countries. She has also written many books on learning the piano and music. (Source:

Some of Grindea’s books include:

* The FIRST TEN LESSONS (Oxford University Press)
* WE MAKE OUR OWN MUSIC (Kahn and Averill)
* An AUDIO-VISUAL Method of Piano Teaching

Below is a radio interview with Carola Grindea.  In these interviews Grindea discusses musicians interviews and performance anxiety.

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